AI Chatbot Launch Checklist

6 Steps to Deploy A Secure, Reliable E-commerce Copilot in 2 Weeks

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6 steps to deploy a secure, reliable e-commerce copilot in 2 weeks

Generative AI is proven to increase e-commerce conversion up to 33% and customer service efficiency through automation by 75%. Get started with six key steps:

  • Identify Business Objectives
  • Define Relevant Use Cases
  • Set Operating Boundaries
  • Prepare Data Connection Sources
  • Secure Your Brand Ecosystem
  • Anticipate Optimization

Embracing generative AI is key to gaining a competitive edge

Consumer expectations of the e-commerce shopping experience are evolving rapidly, and the use of generative AI to improve it is becoming the standard for brands and retailers. Use this checklist to kick off an AI assistant implementation project for your website that will put you ahead of your competition.

What can this AI chatbot help you do?

  • Increase conversion 10x
  • Automate up to 75% of inquiries to reduce volume
  • Maintain or improve CSAT scores

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