Barometer for Generative AI in Ecommerce

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Messaging Automation Quality Reaches Unprecedented Levels

Driven by breakthroughs in generative AI, conversational virtual assistants are revolutionizing the way businesses interact with website visitors. Brands at the forefront of this technology are mastering the art of online conversation management, achieving new heights in customer service quality. This barometer highlights these significant advancements, emphasizing how AI messaging automation is essential for boosting sales performance and enhancing the customer experience.

Skyrocket Your Ecommerce ROI with Generative AI

In 2024 and beyond, artificial intelligence is poised to radically transform the online customer experience. Brands that have adopted generative AI solutions for their ecommerce strategies are gaining a competitive edge, seeing dramatic improvements in conversion rates, cost management, and achieving a substantial return on investment.

A Digital User Experience That Enhances Customer Satisfaction

AI-enhanced copilots offer seamless and personalized interactions with online shoppers at any time of day, 24/7. This feature alone significantly impacts—in some cases even doubles—CSAT scores for an ecommerce website, when compared to the use of previous-generation chatbots. They also achieve a level of customer service quality on par with human agents. This technology redefines the standards of customer engagement and paves the way for a new era of ecommerce focused on satisfaction and retention.

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Exclusive On-Demand Webinar: E-Commerce and Generative AI

2024 will mark a turning point for the digital customer experience. Generative AI is set to take a central role in the online shopping journey, visible and actively engaged with consumers for the first time. In this webinar, industry experts will share why and how you should embrace AI for e-commerce this year.

Guest speaker Thomas Husson, VP and Principal Analyst at Forrester, will detail the significance of this shift and present key e-commerce predictions for the upcoming year.

And you’ll hear from Chris Pirrotta, VP of Marketing at Sideshow, about the positive impact of generative AI on their e-commerce customer experience—like 2x CVR and 94% CSAT on automated conversations.

E-commerce decision makers, find solutions to your major 2024 challenges:

  • Anticipate trends linked to this pivotal shift
  • Get ahead on your 2024 generative AI implementation strategy
  • Adopt ROI-focused generative AI use cases on your site

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