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Beyond Benchmarks: The Evolution of Enterprise Data Management in Finance

Experience an in-depth exploration of financial data management in our on-demand webinar. Delve into the complexities of cloud adoption and migration as we dissect the challenges faced by industry peers. Discover how only a fraction of organizations have fully harnessed the potential of cloud technology, with hurdles including integration with existing systems and achieving full operational capabilities.

Join us for a 42-minute journey as we unveil insights from recent FIMA research. Gain valuable perspectives on data management systems, audit capabilities, and the importance of data lineage for building trusted datasets. Learn from the experiences of financial data leaders and participate in discussions shaping the future of Enterprise Data Management (EDM) solutions.

Key takeaways include:

  • ◎ Capabilities in EDM solutions data leaders are prioritizing moving forward
  • ◎ How AI adoption can help with some of the major data management pain points
  • ◎ Overall satisfaction with current technologies
  • ◎ Noteworthy developments in advanced EDM data management and integration
  • ◎ Insights about high-level technology decisions being made in the industry- how you can benefit

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