Live Panel Discussion: Thursday, July 27 | 11 AM ET I 8 AM PT | Duration : 60 Minutes

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With so many data types available consistency and quality are of increasing concern. It can take months or even years to onboard, clean and operationalize datasets. The process to operationalize data can cause a delay in getting to market, while forgoing it entirely is guaranteed to wreak havoc on investment strategies and returns. How are you addressing common data concerns to ensure effective decision-making and superior results?

Join us on July 27 as we’ll unpack in under 60 minutes:

  • ◎ The day to day issues that arise with low quality data.
  • ◎ Establishing the standard of data quality, and what it isn’t.
  • ◎ Discussing the end to end on how data quality is subjective, and unique to the business.
  • ◎ How do you start to incorporate data, for data that doesn’t have standards and isn’t regulated.
  • ◎ Ways that institutional investors like you are managing their data quality and control processes.
  • ◎ Best practices for streamlining data management.
  • ◎ How you can leverage data management tools and technology for data validation and cleansing.

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