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GEP 2024 Procurement & Supply Chain Outlook

Explore the future of procurement and supply chain in the “GEP 2024 Procurement & Supply Chain Outlook” webinar. Uncover global business and macroeconomic trends, discover essential themes for leaders, and delve into top focus areas such as embracing an AI-first strategy, ensuring supply chain resilience, and navigating the resurgence of ESG principles. Gain insights to stay ahead in the dynamic landscape of 2024.

Key Takeaways :

  • ◎ The global business and macroeconomic trends for the year ahead
  • ◎ The themes and priorities procurement and supply chain leaders should have on their radar
  • ◎ Top focus areas: Adopting an AI-first approach; future-proofing the supply chain; the re-emergence of ESG

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