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Investor Onboarding: The Digital Revolution

Goodbye Inefficiency: A New Dawn for Asset Management Firms

For many Asset Management firms, the investor onboarding and ongoing lifecycle management journey has long been a maze of frustration and inefficiency. The Know Your Customer (KYC) process and mountains of data have clashed with outdated tech, creating a perfect storm of chaos. Data silos, operational bottlenecks and risk exposure lead to long onboarding times, delayed revenue and investors left tapping their fingers.

Watch this on-demand webinar to explore the key risk, compliance and operating challenges currently facing Asset Management firms, and offer a case study view of what good looks like when these processes are streamlined, integrated and digitalized.

Here’s what’s on the agenda :

  • ◎ How to more effectively manage and utilize investor data across the organization
  • ◎ Understand how to mitigate regulatory risk, whilst minimizing additional operational and cost overhead
  • ◎ Gain insights on how to increase operational efficiency across the investor lifecycle
  • ◎ Learn how recent technology trends can help to streamline investor onboarding

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