Reduce Costly Ticket Escalation through Automation

We are pleased to share some key takeaways from the insightful presentation by our esteemed speaker, Yassine Zaied, Chief Strategy Officer at Nexthink. During his presentation, Mr. Zaied shed light on various strategies and approaches to enhance workplace efficiency and address issues proactively. Below, you will find the key insights from his talk:

Key takeaways include:

    • ◎ Save time and reduce incidents with end-to-end automations to constantly monitor and quickly adjust the modern workplace experience in real-time.
    • ◎ Reduce the need for manual intervention and ensure issues really have been fixed by identifying and remediating with remote actions.
    • ◎ As a result, you will improve EUC efficiency by enabling your senior teams to take care of what is important and provide cost savings for the business.


  • ◎ Yassine Zaied, Chief Strategy Officer, Nexthink

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