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Transforming Financial Services with Public and Private Data Marketplaces

Explore the transformation of financial services with insights from FIMA and Crux Informatics. Learn about the adoption of private marketplaces, leveraging cloud data in public marketplaces, the significance of centralized data teams, and discover realized gains through case studies like Two Sigma & Schroders.

Key Takeaways :

  • ◎ Private Marketplace Adoption: Understand the crucial considerations for your team when considering building an internal-facing marketplace
  • ◎ Public Marketplace Data Sharing: Discover how to leverage the data becoming available through cloud data marketplaces
  • ◎ Importance of Centralized Data Teams: Quantify the hidden costs of data silos in licensing, tech, and time to value
  • ◎ Realized Gains: Gain insights into case studies like Two Sigma & Schroders, exploring the tangible benefits that leading firms have achieved through innovative data onboarding and data sharing strategies

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